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Posted by ward32news on July 5, 2009

may32-09The game was lost before the opening pitch, but that’s nothing new for local “HARD BALL” Politician Councilor Sandra Bussin. City Councilor Bussin’s constituents in Ward 32 thought they were playing on a level playing field. But developers had the game in the bag from the beginning.

The ball first got rolling in Councilor Sandra Bussin’s (Beaches East York) 2006 Election Campaign. Since election laws prohibit donations over $750.00 from any one citizen or company. She simply received multiple family donations from the developers relatives. Totaling $3,000.00 This is legal by the way, but no matter how you slice it or dice it, You have to wonder why donors do this ?

Here’s the PDF of the May 09 Paper Ward32webMay

Numbers 14 and 16 Wineva ave. have been demolished. So that Three-3- Storey Luxury Homes each 2000 sq.ft. can be constructed. The newly created Toronto Beach East Residents Association (T-BERA) Were assured by Councillor Bussin that she would fight the good fight against the (EVIL DEVELOPERS) ! Little did they know that the fix was in. She was on the developers team all along. Your not surprised are you? It Should be obvious when a corporation or developer wants a favour from a city councilor in some cases all it takes is a little creativity in the donation dept. The decision that the Ontario Municipal Board (O.M.B.) made was a forgone conclusion. We are wondering if OMB really stands for ONLY MONEY BUYS! The Toronto Beach East Residents Association Gave 110% in trying to protect the Beaches Special character. They gained a lot of fans among Beachers and there efforts are deeply appreciated by us. Meanwhile back at the clubhouse, Councillor Sandra Bussin and her big league CRONY Builders were celebrating there victory. And why not? Beach residents had been thoroughly trounced. Sandra played dirty Beach residents played clean. Our mistake, the next time Sandra Bussin tries to fool Beach Residents, will be ready with our big hitters for the rematch. Like the man said. It ain’t over till its over.

By John Anderson Staff Investigative Reporter


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Posted by ward32news on July 9, 2009

Tues. June 9 2009
Can’t Stand the heat ? Get out of Council!!!
They don’t make city councilors like they used to.Rugged individuals who dish it out as well as they take it. Think Howard Moscoe and Mel Lastman and the piles of “el torro poo poo “ they shoveled at each other over the years, to our mild amusement. The current crop at Toronto City Hall is soft. Thin skinned and hypersensitive-a crybaby class of pampered whiners plaqued with the millennial sense of entitlement.
How else to explain their latest push to sue media, fellow polititions-and you, the taxpayer-if an adversary dare utter comments the chosen councilors find defamatory? It’s one thing to provide a legal defense fund. As is current practice, should someone launch a lawsuit against a councilor, It’s another to provide a legal defence fund, as is current practice, should someone launch a lawsuit against a councilor, it’s another to provide a legal offence fund-so councilors can go after perceived enemies. This is unnecessary. It gives councilors the LEGAL MUSCLE TO STRONGARM CITIZENS, media even fellow councilors who offend them with what they consider defamatory remarks. The weasles have concocted all manner of reasons to back the request. The real reason? This group of city councilors wants to intimidate the media, make constituents cower and club would-be challengers into submission.

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Councilor Sandra Bussing Creates Public Uproar!!!

Posted by ward32news on July 9, 2009

CA816FKT( Democracy takes a shot in the head )
Judging by the huge public response to media reports regarding Councilor Sandra Bussin (Ward 32, Beach – East York), it may be time for her to throw in the towel. Maybe she didn’t hear the bell because it’s hard to believe she’s still standing.
Councilor Bussin still wants tax dollars to fund libel lawsuits against her own constituents. HEY….THAT’S YOU!!!!
It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight, but you’d better have a hard head if you raise these issues :
+ The destruction of 80-year-old 14/16 Wineva Avenue for the development of some very un-Beach-like constructions.
+ 2/4 Violet Avenue and 14/16 Leuty Avenue that are also on the chopping block against the will of Beach residents.
+ “ Loophole “ donations from multiple members of developer’s families.
+ Relation to registered lobbyist Darryl Jessop, the first person to be criminally charged under the Lobbyist Registry Act.
+ The use of surplus cash left over from elections.
+ The failure to preserve and protect the unique character of our beautiful Beaches neighborhood.
This publication has received a questionable “ Notice of Intention “ from Councilor Bussin’s lawyer ( see copy ) threatening to sue the snot out of us with a single knockout blow.
Well, heck…..We may be forced to sue her by seeking to obtain an attachment on all her assets, liquid or real, fixed or personal ( but not limited to ). That would prevent Councilor Bussing from doing business with any other individual or company entity until our grievances have been wholly satisfied.
No, they’re not going after the heavyweight papers like the Star, Globe or National Post where we get a lot of our information; They’d rather pummel the little guy.
Anyway….. a blind man can see that the “ Notice of Intention “ from Councilor Bussin’s attorney makes no sense. First the notice says that Ward 32 News libeled Councillor Bussin, then a second later it says we didn’t libel her. “ Throwing “ and
“ pulling “ punches at the same time can only mean one thing…..the intention to intimidate an opponent. But the true “ tale of the tape “ can be measured by the outraged Letters to the Editor in many prestigious publications.
True Democracy means a fair fight and the public deserves the right to make an informed “ decision.” There is one prediction that is a safe bet: Ward 32 News won’t be hitting the mat any time soon.
Here is a small sample of what citizens, journalists and fight fans are saying :
Dated Wednesday June 3rd 2009
I heard Ms. Bussin on the C.B.C. this afternoon talking about a proposal she plans to move forward. She wants taxpayers to pay the legal bills of our politicians when they sue someone for libel. She went on to talk about harassment she has been receiving from a certain individual that she would not name. I became curious about this and did a bit of research. It didn’t take me long to find your website. I am just wondering if you are the person/group she was talking about today on C.B.C. Radio.; For the record , I am in no way associated with Sandra Bussin or any Politician and I don’t live in the Beaches. I am just an average citizen investigating a news story I heard. Also for the record, I think that something about Sandra’s request stinks. Any time I hear a politician asking for public money for something like this, I become very suspicious
Regards Tony Petrovich
Thanks for your response Tony, I am indeed the culprit she speaks of, Just telling the truth the way I see it, And it looks like she can’t handle it. Sandra and others like her such as David Miller to mention a few, Seem to think we live under a Totalitarian regime, I don’t agree, And the battle is not over, and here’s hoping I can piss off the multitudes and drain our cesspool of APATHY!!! Sincerely LeRoy St.Germaine We still live in a DEMOCRACY!!!
Hi LeRoy I went to sign your online petition” calling for an investigation into Sandra Bussin’s 2006 election campaign expenses. The only problem is ……it isn’t online. I don’t know if you are aware of this, But it should be fixed ASAP or u will lose a lot of potential support both now and with future issues. Best wishes to you and your efforts to address the egregious failings of our local politicians. The community deserves better than we are currently getting.

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